Albuquerque Foreclosure Lawyers

If you are facing foreclosure in New Mexico, we can help. A little known fact is that foreclosure is never immediate. Bank and lenders must file and win a lawsuit in court before they can actually take your property.

Banks make an incredible numbers of errors in processing foreclosures, loan modifications and loss mitigation. These mistakes can lead to lender liability and frequently lead to either favorable settlements or result in a significant delay before you have to leave your home.

Unlike other foreclosure defense firms, the Ortiz Law Firm works to take advantage of these bank errors to keep you in your home.  Eric Ortiz has a strong track record of delaying eviction or a favorable workout.


The Eric Ortiz foreclosure defense attorneys will answer your complaint, require the bank to prove its chain of title and hold off the bank while we help you process a home loan modification, deeds in lieu or short sale. In the case of serious lender liability we will aggressively pursue foreclosure fraud. Let Eric Ortiz help you avoid foreclosure today!


Eric Ortiz offers incredibly affordable foreclosure defense solutions in Albuquerque NM. Unlike most attorneys, in the majority of cases we do NOT require an upfront retainer. With a credit card on file, we can offer low monthly rates from as low as $500 per month. Many clients think of their monthly payment as low monthly rent while a solution is being worked out.

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