Personal Injury

​Eric Ortiz, an experienced and passionate personal injury lawyer, takes a unique approach to personal injury. While he not only prepares each and every case for trial to maximize recovery, he also focuses heavily on actually being able to collect. In New Mexico many drivers carry a limited amount of insurance and Eric Ortiz always looks into recovering from the driver personally by running asset checks and obtaining a financial picture of the driver through private investigation.  

Our experience in commercial litigation and bankruptcy gives us the personal injury law expertise to pursue the maximum recovery available not only against drivers personally but also in pursuing corporations, or insurance companies where there are complicated coverage issues.

Finally, we do not get paid unless you get paid. Moreover, while most firms take your case at a 33% contingent fee plus sales tax even if you settle without filing your personal injury case in court, we will take your case at a 25% contingency fee and no sales tax charged if you settle without filling in court. This will frequently result in thousands of additional dollars in your pocket.

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