Probate Lawyer Albuquerque

Not everyone thinks they will need an Albuquerque probate attorney, but if a relative has passed away, you'll need one to help administer the estate. In some cases, there may already be an attorney administering the estate, but he or she might not be allocating the shares of property and wealth appropriately. In either situation, you can count on the experienced probate attorneys at Eric Ortiz Law to handle your case with professionalism and courtesy. The Eric Ortiz Law Firm is comprised of legal experts, which is why you can trust them to fulfill all your Albuquerque probate lawyer needs.

Many people think that there will never be an issue with the estate of a loved one, but consider the following scenario. A close, beloved relative leaves the bulk of his or her estate to a caretaker who is not a member of your family and only knew your loved one for a brief period of time. Sometimes, this is a decision made when your loved one is completely lucid, but other times it could be a result of a momentary lapse in judgment. Even worse, it could be that the caretaker has influenced your relative in some way. Your relative might also have forgotten about any natural heirs. In these situations, the will can be set aside. An Albuquerque probate lawyer can help get the situation sorted out so that the best interests of all parties involved are served.

In either situation, you can hire a Albuquerque probate attorney from the firm of Eric Ortiz Law to help you. With a wealth of experience in probate law, the team at Eric Ortiz Law is trained to handle a wide range of estate scenarios. Probate litigation can take a financial and emotional toll on everyone involved. That is why seeking a fair and speedy resolution is important. Your Albuquerque probate attorney has the experience and knowledge you need to resolve your probate issue to your satisfaction, so you can put the matter behind you and begin grieving for your loss. Call today for a consultation with an experienced and caring probate attorney in Albuquerque, NM.

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