Probate Lawyer Albuquerque

Are you looking for a probate lawyer Albuquerque, New Mexico? Look no further; Eric Ortiz Law has some of the top probate attorneys in Albuquerque, NM. If you or your relative or spouse has passed away we can help you administer the estate. Or, if someone is already administering the estate but you are not getting your fair share, or the estate is not being cared for properly, our probate litigation expertise can help you get the probate process back on track.

Consider this typical scenario: A loved one who just suffered a stroke leaves everything to a non-family member caretaker whom he only knew for the last couple months of his life. On one hand, it’s possible that the person was having a moment of lucidity when he made his decision and the estate will be upheld. On the other hand, evidence may show that on that the day he made his decision he had no idea what his estate was comprised of, or may have forgotten that he had natural heirs. In that case the will cannot be considered valid.

In either set of circumstances Eric Ortiz Law is an Albuquerque probate attorney that has considerable experience handling the most contentious of probate disputes. Probate litigation can be both very emotional and monetarily burdensome. Most people prefer a quick resolution so the family can put the entire process behind them and, in many instances, finally feel that they can properly grieve for their loss. It is for that reason we offer an aggressive and strategic approach to resolving all disputes as quickly as possible. Call today for a consultation with an experienced and caring probate attorney in Albuquerque, NM.